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Welcome to Vanilla MaTahiti!

Vanilla FlowerVanilla MaTahiti is a family owned and operated company, with plantations located both on the “Vanilla Island” of Tahaa and the main island of Tahiti. The Maruae family has been dedicated to the cultivation of vanilla since 1950. We specialize in superior quality vanilla tahitensis beans grown exclusively in Tahiti, as well as powder and absolute, which are prepared under strict quality controls on our own premises also in Tahiti.

All of our facilities are FDA registered. Our vanilla is grown in organic humus and compost and in compliance with government regulations in our state-of-the-art greenhouses, without chemicals.

What distinguishes us from others?

sorting vanilla beansWe are second generation growers and recipients of the coveted Certificate of Preparer of Vanilla granted by the French government. This means that we are one of the very few growers allowed to also cure (dry) our own beans. As farmers, curers, manufacturers and direct distributors, we pack our own products and can deliver worldwide.

We take great pride in our family tradition of expertise, and in providing the finest quality vanilla tahitensis beans and products at competitive prices.

Why is vanilla tahitensis best?

Vanilla tahitensis is most often compared to vanilla planifolia grown primarily in Madagascar and also referred to as “Bourbon” vanilla. Hand raised in rich organic humus in lush valleys with the perfect combination of humidity, sun and shade, vanilla tahitensis beans are supple, more oily, and much plumper with many more seeds per bean. The variety is also known for its smooth, shiny texture. Tahitian vanilla is considered to be a gourmet product with a well rounded, rich but delicate flavor and aroma.

For the primary aromatic constituents, please click here.

Vanilla Beans from TahitiWhy vanilla tahitensis grown in Tahiti?

Vanilla tahitensis is now also grown in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and elsewhere, and is sometimes promoted as “Tahitian vanilla.” However, differences in soil, climate, and growing techniques produce a less desirable product which is not as plump or moist, is less aromatic, and has a flavor characterized as “woodsy” or “smoked.” Real Tahitian Vanilla is the choice of chefs and bakers worldwide.



There is simply no other vanilla like vanilla tahitensis from Tahiti.